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Life Sciences Transactions

Neil Belson has successfully negotiated hundreds of agreements for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other life sciences companies, often covering cutting edge and complex subject matters.  Mr. Belson previously handled virtually all of the U.S. contracts, and many international ones, for the legal department of a $1billion+ international pharmaceutical company, and simultaneously supported five key divisions of the company (pharmacovigilance, IT, regulatory affairs, business development and R&D).

Mr. Belson offers more than contract drafting skills. With his deep life sciences background, he is able to help clients conceptualize business arrangements and assess business strategies.  He regularly works closely with client business and technical teams.

Among the transactions which Mr. Belson handles for biopharma companies are the following:

  • Licenses, Collaborations and Intellectual Property Belson has successfully negotiated numerous licensing, strategic alliance, collaboration, sponsored research and other agreements involving the creation, protection or transfer of intellectual property
  • Drug manufacturing, packaging, quality control and distribution with key manufacturers
  • Product, equipment and chemical supply agreements
  • Advisory committees, market research and health economics outcomes research
  • Drug rebates and pharmacy benefit managers
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Master services, statements of work, material transfer, consultants and confidentiality

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