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Neil Belson is a skilled attorney with abundant relevant experience, having worked with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers, business executives and bioscience entrepreneurs. His reputation is built on his detailed work, his commitment to efficacious solutions and his ability to navigate diverse sides of this precise area of the law.

Mr. Belson received his J.D. cum laude from Harvard Law School and has earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree from the University of Maryland.  Mr. Belson is also the co-inventor on six patents and the author of numerous articles on legal topics of relevance to biotechnology.

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After working in the industry for 20 years and managing billion-dollar life sciences cases, Mr. Belson is in a unique position to bridge the gap between the scientific, business and legal worlds. Not only is he prepared to help you with even the most nuanced of needs, but he also has a bent toward the practical and can help mitigate the complexities of the law.

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The Law Office of Neil A. Belson, LLC, serves clients across the nation within the Life Sciences and Digital Health industries. To begin your preparations with a highly regarded and experienced attorney, contact Mr. Belson today and request a free initial consult. Call 240-448-4255 to reach him at his Maryland office.