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Intellectual Property Licensing And Collaborations

Mr. Belson has handled numerous (probably 200+) agreements involving the creation and protection and transfer of intellectual property rights, often involving cutting-edge technologies.  Such transactions are a core of his practice.  With his business and scientific background, Mr. Belson is able to assist companies in conceptualizing business transactions in addition to drafting and negotiating agreements.

Among the matters he has handled are the following:

  • Advise multiple biopharma companies on licensing drug candidates from academic and governmental institutions.
  • Played key role in negotiating a license agreement for a publicly-traded biotechnology company to in-license its core lead compounds for treating rare diseases.
  • Conceived of and negotiated a collaboration which leveraged a client’s chemical sensor intellectual property to obtain a joint development agreement with a substantially larger chemical sensor company.
  • Negotiated multiple joint development agreements for publicly traded biopharma and gene therapy clients to develop drug manufacturing processes.
  • Conceived of and negotiated a multi-university collaboration which led to the establishment of a pilot production facility to produce a novel protein.
  • Successfully negotiated a “bet the company” licensing agreement for a cosmetics company.
  • Negotiated numerous sponsored research and collaboration agreements for biopharma companies with academic institutions.
  • Negotiated multiple Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA’s) for biotechnology companies with government research agencies.
  • Draft and negotiate software license agreements, including software related to health IT and drug development.

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