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Drug Development

Mr. Belson assists biopharma clients throughout the drug development process, from drug discovery through late-stage clinical trials:

  • Drug Discovery Assists companies in setting up R&D collaborations with universities, research institutions and private companies to identify new drug leads.
  • Lead Optimization – Helps clients set up agreements with medicinal chemistry companies and researchers to optimize drug candidates which show promise in early bioassays.
  • Pre-clinical testing Advises companies with pre-clinical effectiveness, manufacturing and toxicology research; regularly negotiates agreements with testing laboratories.
  • Manufacturing: Negotiates and advises clients on complex manufacturing agreements; process development projects; and agreements involving manufacturing of active ingredients, and formulation of finished products along with packaging and transportation and raw material supplies.
  • Clinical Trials: Belson has been the sole or primary legal adviser on multiple clinical drug trials, including Phase 3 studies.
  • Diverse Therapeutic Area Experience: Belson’s experience covers numerous therapeutic areas, including oncology, rare genetic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurological disorders and treatment of addictions.
  • Cutting Edge Technologies – Belson’s experience covers some of the most cutting-edge areas of science and medicine, including precision medicine, gene therapy, CAR-T cells and biomarker discovery.

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